NFL National Anthem Protests Are Hitting Earnings Hard Here's How Bad It Is

posted by Caleb Hull - 

INJOThe NFL protests have hit the league hard with a serious drop in ratings, ticket sales plummeting, and fans even boycotting. But now, it has been revealed just how hard the national anthem protests have hit the pockets of Fox.

Year over year, Fox Sunday's NFL game TV ratings have declined 7 percent and the season has only been going for six weeks. CNBC reports that an analyst said:

“NFL ratings [are] weak so far. This was negatively impacted during the first 2 weeks by hurricane disruption, but is disappointing given the soft comps – if ratings do not improve materially, we see a potential headwind to domestic advertising revenues in Q2/Q3 '18.”

They can probably thank President Trump for the dramatic drop after he insulted players who chose to disrespect the flag, which resulted in more national anthem protests than ever. Trump didn't stop there as he continued the debate on Twitter and even called out the low attendance and ratings.

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