Salty's Shakedown

I hope everyone is staying warm as we navigate the weather going on right now in Texas. Thank you to everyone who has been tuning into The Chris Duel Show and checking out the podcast this week. Let's get to today's Salty Shakedown!

Dak has a girlfriend F.I.Y.

Beloved Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has a girlfriend by the name of Natalie Buffett. After a recent post on her Instagram however, some feel that Dak might now have a fiancé. The self proclaimed Instagram model posted a snapshot of the two on a beach in Florida over the holiday weekend noting that the QB was her valentine. Cowboys fans were quick to notice the new hardware Natalie was sporting on THAT finger.

At this point nothing has been confirmed (or denied) about the alleged engagement. If they are in fact engaged, congrats. If not, let us all carry on. Past narratives have always made the woman in these types of relationships the villain, the reason a player has lost his spark which of course is not always fair or accurate. In the case of Dak, I think we can all agree he was playing his best ball right before his injury. Sure the team wasn't getting many wins out of it but he can't do everything for Dallas. Natalie was there when Dak started the season, there when he had his surgery and there all throughout quaraintine pre and post surgery. If you can make it through 2020 with someone, I'd say there is a good chance you can make it through life with that same person. So no matter what happens to Dak and his playing career, whether he gets the big contract he's hoping for, or whether or not he returns to form let's try our best to not shift blame onto the female that is by his side.

For those that haven't seen it, the photo in question is below.

Le"Flop" James

We get it LeBron, you are incredible at basketball. Not only are you really good at it, but you are 10x better than 90% of the league. There is next to no stopping you. So I must ask you why you choose to continue flopping? I know refs are calling fouls left and right these days, it's slowing down the game. However, I don't need them stopping the game even more for your poor flop acting performance. And before you come back at me with your fingers pointed saying "I'm not the only one," rest assured that I am aware. But you are the face of not just a franchise but an entire league that the world watches. You're setting an example. And when the league should have made an example of you, by handing you a fine, they hit you up with a warning. A WARNING. You think a warning is going to stop the other serial floppers around the league from committing blatant acts of child's play? No. So be better LeBron. Stop flopping and go back to screaming "Taco Tuesday." That's what the people want to see.

Shout-out to Austin FC!

Central Texans are thrilled about Austin FC and even more excited that the inaugural season is just around the corner. The roster has been shaping up and many players are already calling Austin home. During this crazy weather we are having players have come together to create a GoFundMe to help out Austinite's in need. It's wonderful to see Austin FC and it's players come together and help the community they just recently became a part of as they settle in to the place they now call home. It truly melts my heart seeing neighbors being neighborly.

Click here for more information on the Austin FC fundraiser.

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