Salty's Shakedown

Happy National Margarita day everyone! I've got my plans to celebrate, I hope you have yours. Let's get into today's Salty Shakedown.

Cam Newton Is Very Rich

Cam Newton appeared at a youth camp over the weekend to bestow his football wisdom onto the next generation. Following the camp a young man called Newton out telling the Pro-Bowler he was poor because he is a soon-to-be free agent. Instead of exchanging words Cam asked to speak to the kids' father to have a conversation. The kid kept coming for Cam though.

Newton later posted more of the interaction on his Instagram where he attempted to have a discussion with the kid, asking about his accomplishments and how he performed out on the field. The kid didn't have much to say aside from telling the MVP that he could check him out on YouTube.

I think Cam was spot on asking for this kids' dad because little man needs to be a taught a lesson. Kudos to Cam for handling it the way he did. Respect.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Deion Sanders, aka Primtime aka Coach Prime made his debut with Jackson State over the weekend. Head coach Prime lead the Tigers to a 53-0 victory. Pretty outstanding right? I'm sure the post game presser had everything to do about that great first outing and absolutely nothing else. WRONG.

Deion Sanders took to the mic visibly distraught following the game after learning that someone went into his office during the game and took his personal belongings including his wallet and watches. Prime was thankful he was wearing his really thankful. Coach was upset and reasonably so as this wasn't the first incident of this kind to happen to him while working for the school In what should have been a proud victory lap moment for himself and his team he had to sit there and question who would do such a thing.

The school later announced that there was simply a miscommunication and that an employee took the items and put them in a safer place. Odd however, seeing that Deion said the items were in a zipped bag meaning someone would have to actively look for his valuables. Prime even took to social media to knockdown the rumors that the event was a miscommunication and that his items, although mysteriously reappeared, were in fact stolen to begin with.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the school really had someone go look for the head coach's valuables to then place them in a more secure spot? Or are you with Prime in thinking someone tried to take advantage of a coach who was away from his possessions while coaching his team on the field?

Athletes Get Social

Patrick Mahomes and his soon to be bride Brittany Matthews welcomed their first child into the world over the weekend. They named their little girl Sterling Skye Mahomes. Congratulations!

While the rest of us have been quarantining and keeping our social distance from one another Tom Brady has been playing football and winning more Super Bowls.

Now that the season has come to an end the QB is asking what there is to do now as the offseason commences. How about watch some TV Tom. You need any recommendations? Because watching the box that hangs on my living room wall is about all I've done for the past year. You could say I'm an MVP of the activity.

Get out of here. There is plenty for you to do Mr. Brady. I won't be surprised when I see pictures of you and your beautiful family hanging out on a yacht in the coming weeks. Leave us regular people alone.

I'm not sure if JJ Watt is gearing up for a Door Dash partnership, but the man does make a valid point as I too scroll for hours before I find a place to order food from.

Give the man some time to decide his future. The organization he plays for next could be where he ends his career.

No rush JJ. You do you.

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