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Pinky Problems

Oakland A's pitcher Jesus Luzardo is out for at least 10 days after fracturing his pinkie figure from playing video games. It's definitely one of the stranger injuries to occur in the MLB. Most professional athletes play video games while recovering and even more so as a form of entertainment during the season when they are on the road so it's quite strange that an injury came from playing one.

Unfortunately for Jesus, the injured pinkie is on his throwing hand. Wonder what he will do during his downtime now that it seems video games are out of the questinon.

Mambacita Line

Vanessa Bryant released the MAMBACITA x DANNIJO tie-dye sweat set capsule collection on the weekend of what would have been Gianna's 15th birthday. The line received support from the entire Warriors team and celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Kate Hudson who put on the merch. More clothing from the line is expected soon, especially after everything sold out on the day of the release. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Stefon Diggs Must Not Dig His Car

A few weeks ago a story came out about Stefon Diggs and his abandoned Mercedes G-Wagon in Miami. Recent released police footage hears one officer puzzled about the $160,000 vehicle being abandoned in the first place. The car had a few scratches and a flat tire. The flat tire was apparently the reason the car was abandoned in the first place. Stefon had lent the vehicle to one of his friends when the flat tire occurred. No word however if it was the friend's decision or the decision of Diggs to leave the vehicle by the Miami train tracks. Most people probably would have called a tow company or their insurance to get thins sorted out. When the police found the vehicle they had it towed and concluded that there was no wrong doing.

Stefon has since collected his vehicle and has had the dealership repair it.

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