Denver Nuggets Close Practice Facility Due To Positive COVID-19 Tests

The Denver Nuggets closed their practice facility after several employees tested positive for the coronavirus. According to ESPNthe team shut down the facility on Saturday (June 27) and hope to reopen it before players and staff head to Florida for training camp.

The team tested 35 players and staff members who were set to travel to Florida and found that two people tested positive for COVID-19. At least one other person has tested positive since the facility was closed. Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is currently in Serbia and recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

The team said they are conducting another round of tests on players and employees and will use those results to determine when the practice facility will reopen. At that time, players will be able to participate in small workouts with coaches but must maintain social distancing guidelines.

Players and staff will report to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on July 7 to begin formal training camp for the restart of the NBA season.

Photo: Getty Images

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