Suns Blast Spurs 133-95

The Spurs lost their 18th game of the season, falling to the Suns 133-95. San Antonio is now 6-18 on the year. Deandre Ayton led the Suns with 25 points. The Spurs were led by Keldon Johnson with 27 points. The Spurs are back in action on Thursday when the host the Houston Rockets at the AT&T Center.


Spurs Assistant Coach Brett Brown

(On the biggest disappointment of the game…)

“I thought that in the second period we came out and were competitive. In that period in general, we had a hard time getting stops. Mostly, their ability to get inside the paint. We rotate, and they get drop-off pass, after drop-off pass, after drop-off pass to their big guys. But, when you go backwards and look at what happened. When you get beat on our first line of our defense, we had to rotate, and we didn’t have the second piece of the puzzle of one more rotation.”

(On when momentum shifted in the game…)

“It’s probably the eight-minute mark of the second, as I remember. You just feel that the game is changing, and it did. It wasn’t all born out of turnovers. There were times in that game, you referenced, where we had four or five turnovers in a few minutes period. So, it was easy to explain the reasoning. This one as I remember, as I just said, our front door was way too open, and we didn’t do a great job of rotating on that second effort. A lot of the drop-off passes to the bigs, as an example. As I said, a lot of that was we were in rotational line, trying to double team Devin Booker.”

Spurs Guard Keldon Johnson

(On the game’s momentum shift…)

“I think in the second quarter, we went through a dry stretch. It’s been like that the past few games, where we hold our own. It’s usually in the third quarter, but tonight it was in the second quarter. We started off good though. Then went through a little stretch where they made some runs, and we couldn’t really recover and got out of hand. We just have to keep fighting. No one is going to feel sorry for us, hold our hand, or baby us. This in the NBA. We got to go out there and compete to win. We've got to go out there and make the proper adjustments, try to get the win on Thursday, and come back a better team.”

(On getting guys healthy the next three days…)

“Hopefully, yes. The health of my teammates comes first. If they can go, hopefully, these next few days, they can get some time in and be ready to go. But other than that, we got to go take the proper precautions to get those guys back and be ready for them to come back. Until then, we got to keep fighting and executing. We expect to win, like I said earlier.”

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