Where Most People Are Going Black Friday Shopping In Texas

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Black Friday, a day synonymous with massive savings and frenzied shopping, is known in the U.S. as the unofficial commencement of the holiday shopping season. The retail extravaganza, which entices hordes of eager shoppers seeking unparalleled discounts, witnesses unbeatable deals both in-store and online. The nationwide phenomenon has become more of a cultural one that also shapes consumer behavior and sets the stage for an exciting shopping spectacle each year.

“The holiday season is in full swing. Typically, retailers earn 20% to 25% of their annual revenue during the holiday season, and to kick it off, they try to entice shoppers with sales on Black Friday. But Black Friday is evolving, and this year, the deals started as early as late October. Black Friday has transformed from one day into a month-long promotional event.
According to Google trends, over the past five years, people have begun searching for Black Friday deals and steals an average of 2.3 weeks before the big day. Since it’s just three weeks away from Black Friday 2021, we were inspired to find out which deals and retailers shoppers are most interested in.”

These findings are according to Finance Buzz, who analyzed 2023 Black Friday deals, publishing an article detailing the most popular store consumers are planning to shop at in every state:

“People all over the country are strategizing their plan of attack to score the best Black Friday deals. Which retail store sales and deals are consumers most interested in? We break it down state by state below, based on Google trends search data from the past five years.”

In Texas, the most popular Black Friday store is Dollar Tree.

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