Founder and CEO of 49 Financial CEO Travis Penfield

Personal Bio:

Travis Penfield, Founder and CEO of 49 Financial, is an industry visionary and is making waves in the financial planning space. Travis founded 49 Financial in 2015 under the umbrella of a captive insurance company, and in 2019, at the age of 30, Travis took the brand and company fully independent. 49 Financial has offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Northwest Arkansas, and Atlanta with plans to expand to 10 new cities in the next 3 years. Travis is a visionary—moving people to action for their betterment. His vision is to see the financial services industry change for the better—to serve clients with excellence and integrity, to give clients a vision of how to be generous with their money and what life can look like after retirement, and to teach the young advisors he is leading how to give back to their communities. Travis lives in Austin with his wife Jaclyn, their daughters Charlotte, Olivia, and Madison, and their golden doodle Duncan. In his spare time you can find Travis hanging with his girls, playing golf, catching a Peloton ride, or enjoying wine and good food.



Company bio:

49 Financial is a holistic financial planning firm that began as a concept and brand in 2012 before becoming an independent financial firm in 2019, with services ranging from risk management to investments to full financial planning for individuals or businesses. The firm’s unique “Two are better than One” model is a team approach with 2-3 advisors and a dedicated investment specialist for each client. At just shy of $500m in assets under management, 49 Financial has doubled in size in the last year and currently has 120 working advisors - about 35 of whom are seniors – with plans to grow to 300 advisors by the end of 2021 through the use of our industry-leading testing program.

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