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Jason Whitlock Rips the 'Angry Feminists' and 'Simps' Defending Angel Reese

Emmanuel Acho: “I’m about to give a gender-neutral, racially indifferent take... Angel Reese, you can’t be the Big Bad Wolf and then cry like Courage the Cowardly Dog. If you want to act grown – which she has, if you want to get paid like you grown – which you are, if you want to talk to grown folks like you grown – which you did post-game when you told a coach from an opposing team ‘WATCH YOUR MOUTH’, if you want to tell people ‘GET YA MONEY UP!, then post-game when you take an L you just gotta take it on the chin. Nobody mourns when the villain catches an L, and Angel Reese, you have self-proclaimed to be the villain. Shout out to you because you were the second-best basketball player on the court and it was not close. Outside of Caitlin Clark, it was you. 17 and 20 -- DOG. Showed up, second-biggest game of your career, absolute dog, but you can’t under any circumstance go to the podium and now try to ask individuals to give you sympathy. No one has sympathy for the villain. You painted the bullseye on your back, why are you surprised when people shoot at you? If you want to act grown, if you want to pose grown, if you want to talk grown, if you want to talk to grown folks grown, then you gotta take the L like you grown. Because what frustrated me is when you want to be the villain but you want to hope for sympathy like you’re the hero.”


Taylor Rooks: "Respectfully, colleague - The disappointing thing about this take is you actually can’t have an informed opinion on this if you are choosing to be gender neutral and racially indifferent. Because that is impossible. Her existence as a black woman shapes both how she is seen by others and how she sees the world. And in this case how she is seen by you. Your response here is actually full of opinions that indirectly (and directly) involve both race and gender. It’s just coded to unsuccessfully soften the blow. You have to ask why Angel became the villain. You have to ask why her role as ‘villain’ has not allowed her to also be human. You have to wonder why her being asked a question and simply answering has led to this level of discourse. You have to ask what you mean when you say Angel wants to talk grown or pose grown?? What is ‘grown’ a substitute for? You have to ask why trash talking - a practice many athletes engage in - is seen so much harsher when it comes from someone that looks like her. You have to ask how some of the ideas you expressed fuel the fire of the aforementioned marginalization. You have to ask why you heard her discuss unacceptable treatment and your reaction was to discuss how she can’t address it. And I have to ask if you spoke to any black women athletes about their experiences in order to give a more enlightened take before you came and said this. Angel has absolutely made herself a public figure and she should be open to the criticism pertaining her game and persona. She should also be allowed to express when those criticisms are out of bounds. Why did you cling to her reaction as opposed to the vitriol that caused it? She certainly does not deserve sympathy for losing a game. She deserves sympathy for being attacked and targeted for things outside of said game. As much as you believe this to be a take without bias, your reasoning proves the point you are fighting against. Opinions are opinions, and everyone is entitled, but our opinions are shaped by the paradigms we know. I hope no one says they are taking out gender and race, because in a black woman’s world, we do not have that choice. I hope you realize your luxury and privilege by being able to say what you said. I hope you look around and notice the people that have delighted and applauded seeing a black man get on television and give THIS opinion on a young black woman. Because it’s not for the reasons you think. That’s my take."

Jason Whitlock: "These angry, mad, opportunistic, lying Black women -- they're exhausting. What Taylor Rooks is doing; she's being an overseer. She could have eliminated 98% of that word salad and just said 'HEY, MAN, YOU CAN'T STATE ANY OPINION ABOUT BLACK FEMALE ATHLETES WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF BLACK WOMEN!'... This is the mentality of the matriarchy, and this is how they oversee Black men. They threaten them, they disrespect them -- the threat here is obvious. 'OH, MY GOD, BLACK WOMEN, LOOK AT EMMANUEL ACHO, HE'S OUTSIDE THE LIMITATIONS AND THE BOUNDARIES THAT WE HAVE SET FOR BLACK MEN! HOW DARE HE CORRECT, CRITICIZE, AND QUESTION A BLACK WOMAN WITHOUT A BLACK WOMAN APPROVING OF IT BEFOREHAND!'...
What other group of people are policed this way? Their thoughts policed this way? By their women? This is insulting. This group of angry feminists and the simps who support them; they have to be stopped. This is important on multiple different levels. It has to be stopped because it's inappropriate for the culture, and for developing a properly run society male leadership is necessary. Even if you just take it to sports, these angry, lying, entitled, Black women -- they're going to destroy what Caitlin Clark and women's basketball accomplished this year. They're going to turn it into the 'Victim Olympics' and no one is going to want to watch that. When Caitlin Clark goes away, so is most everybody else, including Taylor Rooks and all these other angry, opportunistic, lying Black women, and their simps.
'I DON'T KNOW HOW ANGEL GETS OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING! NO OTHER ATHLETE WOULD GO THROUGH THIS! THIS IS SEXISM!'... Do you not think people trashed Mohammad Ali for being in-your-face and bragging too much? Do you think there weren't a group of a people who didn't like that? No one criticized Deion Sanders? 'OHHH, IT'S SO DIFFERENT FOR BLACK WOMEN! OH, MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENS TO BLACK WOMEN IS UNBELIEVABLE!'... You're the most coddled and delusional group of people in America. You'll say 'WHITLOCK JUST HATES BLACK WOMEN!'... No, I don't, I want you to course correct. That victimhood mentality that you're constantly preaching -- it's destroying Black people, it's destroying the perception of Black people, it's destroying young Black men and young Black women, and making us look like clowns. It's great that you get to profit from making Black people look like clowns. I get it, 'NO! JASON IS THE ONE WHO CRITICIZES BLACK PEOPLE! HE CRITICIZES BLACK PEOPLE, THAT'S WHAT MAKES US LOOK LIKE CLOWNS!'... No, it's the clowns that go on TV and defend the clownish, buffoonish behavior of a handful of Black athletes. That's what makes us look like clowns. That's who makes us avoid accountability for any and everything. That's who drags Black men into looking and sounding like clowns.

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out media personality Taylor Rooks after the NBA on TNT and Thursday Night Football reporter publicly reprimanded FS1 Speak host Emmanuel Acho for spotlighting the hypocrisy of Angel Reese’s behavior following LSU’s season-ending Elite Eight loss to Caitlin Clark's Iowa Hawkeyes. 

Acho said of Reese’s tearful post-game press conference ‘you can’t be the Big Bad Wolf and then cry like Courage the Cowardly Dog’, and criticized Reese for selling herself as this self-proclaimed ‘villain’ all season while LSU was winning, and then wanting sympathy from everyone when they lost.

Rooks quickly intercepted the video on X and re-posted a long response to Acho, highlighting his ‘bias’, while also questioning the underlying racial motives for her having to be considered a ‘villain’ in the first place. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock mocks Rooks’ snobbish ‘word salad’, and blasts Rooks for trying to act like she’s some sort of overseer of Black thought after she essentially told Acho that he needs to notify her before he ever tries to form his own opinion about a Black female athlete again.

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