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Zone Road Show - Red River Shootout 2019

Chip and Hardge were in Dallas for the Red River Shootout! The two had a special Zone Road Show broadcast from the fair grounds the Friday before the game. Their time at the fair was also filled with fried food and Midway games. Thanks to Coors Light for making the trip possible.

After tasting the funnel cake bacon queso burger for the first time last year Chip had to have another one. It truly is a work of art.

Hardge stuck with his go-to fair food - fried banana pudding.

Listeners voted that Chip and Hardge should break plates this year for their Midway challenge. Both guys had 5 chances to break plates. Both guys had a ball bounce back giving them an extra opportunity. Both ended up breaking 2 plates.....

Thanks to the tie in plate breaking the guys headed to the football toss so a winner could be crowned.

In the end Chip defeated Hardge and once again has bragging rights for the year.

By combining their scores the two were able to upgrade to a penguin prize.

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