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"What The Hell Happened To Vince Young?" - Written By Vince Young

Vince Young has written a piece titled "What The Hell Happened To Vince Young?" for the Players Tribune. Check out a snippet of VY's writing below or head to the original work here. Be forewarned this piece contains some language NSFW.

"What The Hell Happened To Vince Young?"

"This story is not about Vince Young.

You already know that story. I told it a million times.

Vince Young is the guy who walks into the huddle at the Rose Bowl, 4th-and-5. Everything on the line. Whole dang country watching, all 10 guys in the huddle looking him dead in his eyes, like.…

What’s the temperature of VY right now?

What’s his vibe?

Is he nervous?

And honestly, VY is scared as shit.

But he can’t be showing it. Vince Young is the guy who looks at them dudes in that moment, the biggest moment of all their lives, and says, “Let your nuts hang.”

This story is not about Vince Young.

Vince Young is the dude who took the shotgun snap, looked left, looked right, saw the seas part.Run, Forrest, run. Like we on the sandlot. Touchdown. Jump over the cameraman. National champion. Whirlwind. BET. MTV. Jay Leno. Agents. Managers. Managers on managers. Whole life changes.

Lord have mercy, did it change.

But I’m telling you now, this story is notaboutVince Young.

Vince Young is the guy who gets on a plane to Las Vegas the day after the Rose Bowl, walks through the lobby of the MGM Grand, gets escorted to the secret elevator, to the secret floor, to the super-secret BALLERS room — I’m talking the super-secret ICONS suite, the kind of thing you only see in the movies — and he sees some dude eating a plate of food in the corner.

It’s Tiger Woods.

Another dude is sitting on the couch, just chilling.

It’s Derek Jeter.

Later on, another dude comes by.

It’s MJ.

It’s Michael Jordan.


It’s the GOAT, in the flesh.


And all these guys actually come over to Vince Young, in the super-secret VIP suite, the kind of room you only see in the movies, wanting to talk tohim.

Tiger says, “Fantastic game, Vince. Fantastic.”

Jeter says, “Phenomenal job, young man.”

Eyes so pretty they make you want to cry. Walking and talking like Jeter. Reallythere.

“Just a phenomenal job.”

Then MJ says, “We were all at the game, Vince. We were all there.”

Like it’s a dream. Like maybe Vince Young died or something, and this is really heaven.

You were all at the game?

MJ says, “Oh yeah, young fella. We were all there, watching you.”

And then MJ wipes the smile off his face and says, “Now, why are my people telling me that you don’t want to sign with Jordan brand?Reebok, Vince?Reebok? Shhhiiiiiitttt!”

But this is your last warning, alright?

This story is not about Vince Young.

This is about Bubba.

This is about the Baby Boy.

This is about Vincent.

You never heard this one before."

Written by Vince Young Feb. 5th 2020

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