Colin Cowherd Makes His Final NFL Season Predictions Heading Into Week 1

Watch Colin Cowherd make his final predictions for the 2020 NFL season heading into Week 1, with the Thursday Night Football season opener between the Chiefs and Texans just hours away.

In the AFC Colin has the Bills winning the East and dethroning a Patriots dynasty who has won the division 17 times in the last 19 years, the Ravens easily lapping the AFC North at 15-1, the Colts re-capturing the South with Philip Rivers, and the Chiefs comfortably winning the West at 12-4.

Colin’s AFC Wild Cards are the Browns, Titans, and Steelers.

In the NFC Colin has the Eagles winning the East over Dallas, the Vikings narrowly overtaking the Packers in the North, the Saints holding off the Bucs in the South, and the 49ers once again being crowned in the West.

Colin’s NFC Wild Cards are the Bucs, Seahawks, and Rams.

Check out the FULL segment in the video above.

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