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Colin Cowherd Says Bronny Making the NBA Was a Personal ‘Favor’ to LeBron

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why you shouldn’t be getting too worked up over the perceived ‘nepotism’ of Bronny James’ drafting in the NBA, as Colin says LeBron James deserved a ‘favor’ from the Lakers and NBA for carrying their sport for two decades, and delivering a previously dormant franchise an NBA title in 2020.

Check out the segment below as Colin details why the ‘American way’ has always been ‘I scratch your back if you scratch mine’, and there shouldn’t be much backlash for the NBA’s most popular cash cow having his son drafted in the second round in arguably the weakest Draft ever. 

Colin Cowherd: “Isn’t it kind of an understanding in America ‘DO ME WELL AND I OWE YOU A SOLID’? I take you to the airport, you’re buying the next dinner. I help you move and I get a little something-something back. That’s the American way. LeBron has carried the NBA for 20 years. He didn’t have a long playoff run this year -- did you see the ratings? Every other sport saw their ratings up, up, up... NBA ratings TANKED – no LeBron. He carried the Lakers, not a well-run franchise, for six years and got them a title. He carried the Cavs for 11 years. They never mattered except for when he was there. He got them a title. If I carry your sport and get you a new TV contract worth $7 billion -- you got a problem with Bronny James getting drafted by the Lakers? It’s the weakest NBA Draft maybe ever. Thirty picks earlier the Milwaukee Bucks drafted a guy that played 8 minutes a game... IN AUSTRALIA, and averaged less than Bronny. It shows you how polarizing LeBron James is.  
My takeaway is: are you really bothered by it? If you have a favorite steakhouse in town and you buy a lot of wine for years and spent A LOT of money at that steakhouse, don’t you after a few years feel like you get a little better pour on that pinot? Maybe get you a better table? Damn straight you do. LeBron James has carried the league for 20 years, and the playoffs without him tanked. In the weakest Draft ever I’m OK with the Lakers going ‘We will do you a solid’... In the five previous years before LeBron, I think the Lakers had the worst record in the league. They were a circus and then he won them a title.  
I think his son is a G-Leaguer. I think at best his son is a low-end rotational player, but this Draft was horrible. You can argue after the 36th or 37th pick it was a G-League draft. I’m not losing sleep over it nor should you. How many sons who aren’t qualified or at minimum aren’t the best candidate end up on their father’s staff in the NFL or college? Nobody gets too worked up over that. It’s something about America that is understood and I’m OK with it... You do me a solid and I got dinner. You help me move, I owe you. Don’t get worked up over it, it’s the world we live in.” 

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