Manhunt Underway After 3 Shot At Popular Amusement Park

Accident or crime scene cordon tape

Photo: Getty Images

A manhunt is underway after a shooting took place at Kennywood, a popular Pittsburgh amusement park, on Saturday (September 24), according to local police.

Three people, including a juvenile male, were shot after an altercation between two groups of male teenagers escalated, a spokesperson for Allegheny County Police Department confirmed during a news conference via NBC News.

An unidentified individual is reported to have pulled out a firearm before at least "two shots were fired," according to the spokesman.

The juvenile male is reported to be in stable condition. An adult male victim was treated for injuries before being released from the hospital.

A third victim is still being treated for injuries sustained during the incident.

The shooter was described by police as a Black man wearing a black COVID-style mask amid the department's "ongoing search."

Several other individuals were reported to have sustained minor injuries from being trampled during a rush to exit the area.

The spokesman said parkgoers went through park metal detectors that checked bags near the Kennywood entrance.

Kennywood officials confirmed that the park was "working with local law enforcement" amid the ongoing investigation.

“The safety of our guests and team members are our top priority,” the park said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

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