Thousands Evacuated Amid Powerful Typhoon


Photo: Getty Images

A powerful typhoon has led to thousands of residents in the northeastern Philippines evacuating on Sunday (September 25), the Associated Press reports.

Typhoon Noru was reported to have hit Burdeos on Polillo Island in Quezon just prior to nightfall with winds estimated to reach 121 MPH and gusts up to 149 MPH.

The typhoon is expected to weaken slightly when it reaches the Sierra Madre mountain range, but remain ferocious, according to forecasters via the AP.

“The typhoon is strong and we live by the sea,” said Marilen Yubatan who, along with her two young daughters, were among the evacuees. “If we fall into the water, I don’t know where I will end up with my children.”

The typhoon is reported to have gained strength as a super typhoon Saturday as part of an "explosive intensification" over the open sea, according to Vincente Milano, who leads the Philippines' weather agency, via the AP.

Last week, a powerful typhoon hit the shores of southern Japan, leading to the evacuation of thousands of residents, the Associated Press reported at the time.

Typhoon Nanmadol traveled north after making landfall in Kagoshima City on Kyushu, Japan's southern main island, bringing winds estimated to reach 101 MPH, leading to blackouts and ceasing ground and air travel, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency via the AP.

Local officials said several people have experienced injuries in relation to the storms. A woman was reported to be slightly hurt by shards of glass after the high winds led to a gymnasium's windows breaking.

NHK national television reported 15 people were injured, according to its own tally.

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